MISSION: Possible

Emily Snow | March 12 2014


Time, or rather the lack thereof, gets in the way of me accomplishing BIG things in the kingdom.  As a self-depicted over-achiever, I often find myself wishing I had more time to make a difference in the world around me.  Yet, at the same time, I’m so busy with ‘everyday life’ that I overlook or completely miss out on an opportunity to pray for, support, or invest in someone.  Admittedly, I sometimes am overwhelmed by the vast need I see and lack of time available.  As a result of my excuses, I found myself making little to no impact.

It was then that I realized I was in my own way; I was my own barrier to simply taking action.  Lately, I am intentionally trying to focus on slowing down and seeking out situations, big or small, where I can meet a need locally or internationally.

There are various projects and opportunities through Foursquare Missions to help carry out Chestnut St. Community Church’s Mission’s Vision: Pray. Give. Go.

Everyone has a responsibility:

Pray– Two monthly Prayer Guides for Missionaries and Chaplains are both available in English and Spanish online at www.Foursquare.org/missions; incorporating daily prayer for others is vital.

Give– Every 3rd Sunday is Mission’s Sunday where the church takes a special offering for Missions. While Mission’s giving is not exclusive to the 3rd Sunday, an update will be given on a current project or a Foursquare Missionary Family.

Go- I strongly encourage everyone to go on at LEAST one Mission’s Trip.  Foursquare offers several short term trips year-round. Stay tuned for information on a CSCC trip!

Don’t overcomplicate life; ditch the excuses, take action and make Missions possible!