Excited For Drama

Sandy Sainvil | February 19 2014


When I was asked to be the head person for the drama ministry, I gave an automatic yes! It wasn’t something that I needed to pray about or ask God to give me an “okay” sign on. It’s one of those things where you see a need and you go for it because you know you have the necessary tools to meet the need. It’s as if you walk into a room with a mop in your hand and notice a puddle on the floor.  Of course you’re going to clean it! Unless you don’t like to clean, then this specific analogy doesn’t apply to you, but you get the point.

I am very excited to work with the drama team in creating productions that cause you to reflect on God, yourself and others. Hint, hint: That is our purpose as a ministry!  If you’re reading this and find yourself drawn to our purpose and my cool analogy from earlier, then don’t hesitate–grab that mop and clean that puddle! In other words, sign up for drama team!